Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hat's Off

So what's the big deal about having a bad hair day? We all do. Some days I wear a hat. Okay, I never wear a hat, unless it's a ball cap and I'm playing ball. Or a Tilley while I'm golfing. At work, I don't wear a hat and that's when I need it the most.

Perhaps we need to start a new trend. Hats on at all times, unless you're having a good hair day which, let's face it, happens less frequently than we'd like to admit. Most days are simply acceptable hair days, right?

I do see the younger generation, that is twenty-somethings, wearing knit caps in the summer. It makes no sense to me, except perhaps they've already embraced the hat's on philosophy and have accepted that their hair is seldom 'good' enough to doff the topper. Or they don't shower as often as they should and this is equivalent to the waterless shampoo trend of the '70's. Just comb it through and your hair will look freshly washed, yeah right.

I'm a girl and let's face it, girls are less likely to wear a hat and yet are more likely to criticize theirs and others hairstyles, leading to the 'bad hair day' declaration. Only the rudest of the rude would actually speak the words 'gee, you're having a bad hair day, aren't you'. Yet these are the feared words running through my head when I comb my hair in the mirror and see that it is not falling where I would like it to. No amount of hair spray, teasing or coaxing will force it into the coif graciously given to me at the hair salon.

This fact was off-handedly pointed out to me this morning by my significant other. Not in a rude way but in an 'I'm the one who'll point out when your slip is showing or you have lipstick on your teeth to save you the embarrassment' sort of way.

He's right. I am having a bad hair day. Truth is, I don't really care. My hair is clean. Enough. For work.

Next time he styles his wayward hair and it doesn't cooperate, I think I'll just stand back and wait for him to ask me for a hat.

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