Monday, 2 March 2015

The Lent Diary - March 2

Everything is relative.

March came in like a lamb, that is if you compare weather on the first of March to the weather during the rest of winter here in Kingston. We've certainly had a c-c-c-cold and snowy time of it for the last few months. Everyone is ready for a change. People want warmth, heat, sunshine, and fewer layers of clothing to wear every day.

But come July when there is nothing but warmth, heat, sunshine and those few layers of clothing are sticking to our sweaty bodies, everyone will ask for something cooler. Gee, can't we have a break from the humidity, it's hard to breathe. I get eye strain from the bright sunshine when I can't find my sunglasses. Good gawd my leather seats are flippin' hot in my car. Air conditioning, please!

Too much of anything is bad. It grates on the nerves and although we humans wish for what we don't have, we forget that there is sometimes bad in what we desire. How can that be? If I want something good, it must be inherently good or I wouldn't want it. Right?

I want ice cream but not the brain freeze that comes with it. I want to buy brie and the good crackers but then I can't afford milk. I want to put hot peppers on my pizza but then I get heart burn. I want to hit the snooze alarm but then I'll be late for work. I want the positive but keep the negative please.

It is a human failing that we forget to temper the extremes in our lives. We really should learn to take the good with the bad and to realize that enjoying something that we want can come with a price. If we can keep a perspective on it, the price is an easy one to pay.

After all, everything is relative.

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