Thursday, 2 January 2014

WRITE a PAGE - Day 2

Day 2 is probably harder to write than any other day in a 365 day writing challenge. Day 1 is easy, you simply declare that you intend to write every single day of the year. You may even think about events that will come over that year, which will inspire you to write. I have a big family so roughly 15 or so days are already taken up there. I have lots of friends, so again, they provide fodder for my writing. And I even have anniversary days that will be relatively easy to write about. But Day 2, that's a tough one.

On Day 2, it's time to establish the continuation of that original thought. On Day 1 you state that you WILL write. You WILL write about interesting things. On Day 2 you'd better come up with something interesting. Challenge accepted.

Did you know that Christmas isn't technically over? Today, January 2nd, is actually the 8th day of Christmas. That's right, the twelve days of Christmas BEGIN on December 25th. They don't end on December 25th. The biggest misconception ever to be perpetuated by the commercialization of Christmas.

Christ was born, the star of Bethlehem shone over the manger so the wise men could make the twelve day trek to find him. The twelve days of Christmas begin after the child is born. How the heck could the twelve days of Christmas happen before the miracle of His birth? Who are they bringing gifts to? Nobody knows He is the chosen one until after He is born.

Quick and painless biblical lesson: on the first day of Christmas, a child is born. On the twelfth day of Christmas, everyone knows about it and this is the Epiphany. Oh, I've had an epiphany! A miraculous thought! A revelation! The world is a better place because I/He/we/you/us are in it!!

A miracle. Yes, you are.

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