Monday, 13 August 2012


I have seldom been awoken from a deep sleep, mostly because it is usually impossible to rouse me once I am REM-ing my brains out. Last night, or more accurately early this morning, the phone rang. I eventually woke up, wondering what the noise was....Richard thought it was his sleep machine and sat bolt upright, stared down at the unit and asked, "Why is it making that sound?" We both realized at the same time that it was the phone.

He leapt from the bed but too late to catch it before the answering machine kicked in. Nobody was there. No message.

Now, under normal circumstances a call in the wee hours is not a good thing. Well, unless a family member is due to have a baby, then it's good news. But even then, unless you're the grandma, no phone call is necessary until people are awake! We have no pregnant women in our family at the moment and my friend Amanda already had her baby last week.

Good news travels at the speed of sound but bad news travels at the speed of light.

If my uncle hadn't just recently (Friday) passed away, it wouldn't have fazed me and I could have fallen back to sleep. But we both tried to figure out the area code it came from to be sure it wasn't something important that one of us needed to know at 3:45 in the morning. Richard used call display and phoned the number back. Kids picked up the line but there was no conversation, just noise. A sleepover or party with no parental supervision, was my guess.

Sleep came after about an hour of gathering my wandering thoughts. The universe can play tricks on a person's sub-conscious mind. Mine has a tendency to think nothing happens by coincidence. That phone call, regardless of the source, was meant to wake us up. Why?

Was I about to have a nightmare and that phone call saved me from it? Doubtful. Were those kids about to do something dangerous and Richard's callback scared them out of it? Maybe. Is the universe just trying to teach me patience? Likely.

I'm on my 5th cup of coffee and I don't feel human yet. That's a nightmare in and of itself. Patience....while I brew another pot.

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