Friday, 10 August 2012


It comes as no surprise to my friends and family that I am a science fiction geek. As such, I enjoy hanging out with other science fiction geeks. That includes watching The Big Bang Theory, a show populated with my species. I get the Star Trek references, I know who Stan Lee is and I am a fan of the defunct Firefly series (and like Sheldon Cooper, I cannot fathom why it's not still on the air).

What should be surprising then is that I have only the bare minimum of cable television, which does not include the Space Channel. It was a decision I made when I was cutting back on some expenses and frivolous indulgences were the first to go. One might argue that a true sci-fi fan wouldn't be able to give up that kind of access to their lifeblood but at the time I was living alone, working full-time and involved in several leisure activities so my tv time was pretty small. I simply couldn't justify spending money on something I might use. I mean, it's not like car insurance. You might never need it but if you do, good gawd, you'd better have it.

For those of you who have followed my blog (or my Facebook page...or my life) you know I no longer live alone. My boyfriend is a tv watcher, he likes late-night movies and while I am also a movie fan, I often can't keep my eyes from drooping before the closing credits in the wee hours of the morning. Ever since moving in though, he has lamented the lack of available variety in my channels and therefore has suggested that he pitch in and upgrade the cable package. Oh boy.

I am usually not capable of hiding my emotions. In other words, I can't lie and I certainly can't hide my excitement. I'm a terrible poker player. I remain calm but my pupils dilate like crazy and my skin flushes if I get a pair of aces. If you pay attention, I will never take your money.

If he'd been looking at my eyes when he said he would expand the cable, he would have seen my pupils pulsing and perhaps even heard my breath catch.

I can tune in the Space Channel again. Come to mama.


  1. I can't stand commercials, so rarely watch any TV. However, if enough of my Twitfriends and Facebookers rave about a show, I'll check it out. That's how I fell in love with BBT. Anxiously awaiting the release of the newest box set. That's also why I netflixed the first disk of Chuck and then cancelled the rest of them -- didn't grab me. I love that so many series are available on DVD! And a Netflix membership is a lot cheaper than a TV upgrade!

  2. Unfortunately Netflix in Canada is a piece of crap....nothing but old and worn out stuff. No new releases, almost no good shows.