Friday, 3 August 2012

Let It Beeeeee

I have been wanting to write the story of a bee, not a Disney-Pixar bee or a Dreamworks bee but a real bee that lives in a colony in the middle of a huge field of clover. It doesn't sound too interesting, I know. But I once read a book called, Rat: A Novel by Andrzej Zaniewski. It personified the rat and told the story of a rat growing up in, well, a sewer but it was told from the rat's perspective. I'd like to do that with a bee.

Am I crazy? Probably. How does one get inside the mind of a bee anyway? Do bees even think or are they all black and yellow instinct?

I think they may be smarter than we think. They are certainly team players, collectively accomplishing what they each could not do alone. 

Plus it's a maternal society. Who doesn't love a woman who can take charge of twenty thousand males and force them to raise her children? Then have them prepare her food and tend to her every whim....I admire that kind of control. And yet the males never mutiny, they never go on strike, they don't even put notes in the suggestion box to anonymously push ways to improve the colony experience.

What is it about the hive set-up that's so appealing? Is it just that the worker bees know they only get one chance at sex and if they're not chosen to be a drone, they end up working their antennae to the 'bone' for the rest of their short lives. Then again, if they are chosen, they usually die after they've done the deed. Kinda risky unless the Queen is really good!

I guess I have something to think about....can I write like a bee? If a bee could write, that is. 

They can certainly spell.

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